Sinchon Graffiti

I discovered one of Sinchon’s main drags today.  After taking the language placement test on campus this morning, I decided to wander around campus, hoping to end up on the busy streets of Sinchon (pronounced Shin-chon).  Both Yonsei and Ewha Women’s University are located in this neighborhood, so it’s known as a bustling college town full of restaurants, coffe shops, and plenty of nightlife.  It took me a while to get there, but after circling around the very large campus and walking up and down the same streets a couple of times, I discovered the crowded, cafe-filled sidewalks of Sinchon.

Along the way, I passed through a tunnel covered in graffiti.  This Korean graffiti isn’t written in Korean at all, but is actually quite similar to graffiti in the States.  Take a look:



  1. Yay Grace! Enjoy reading this so far. It will be fun to travel with your virtually this year. Stay safe and healthy and have fun exploring!

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