Korea’s Best Dessert: 빙수 (Bingsoo)

So what is bingsoo?  I’d call it a cross between shaved ice and a fruit sundae.  The ingredients vary depending on where you go, but fruit and ice are the essentials.  Ice cream is also a common addition, as are sweet red beans (or 팥, pronounced paht).  If it’s got red beans, then it’s called patbingsoo.

After our Vietnamese dinner the other day, Jiyoung’s aunt took us to Coco Bruni, a trendy café known for its bingsoo.  It’s actually a “barista and chocolatier,” but most of the people there were eating bingsoo when we arrived.

We got the strawberry bingsoo with a side of red beans (they’re my favorite).

Our bingsoo came topped with strawberry sorbet, frozen strawberries, strawberry jam, and a few pieces of mochi.  The bowl was mostly filled with shaved ice flavored with condensed milk (I think).  There was even more sorbet at the bottom!

I’ve never had jam in bingsoo before, but I must say, it was pretty delicious.  The texture of the jam and the strawberry seeds went really well with the sorbet.

Now when eating this type of dessert, you have to be sure to carefully construct each bite.  It’s best if you can get a little bit of everything – a little jam, some sorbet, some red beans, and ice.

The best part about it is that it’s a really light dessert, since most of it is ice.  It’s gone before you know it, so savor each bite!


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