Good Morning Vietnam – Pho in Seoul

After shopping in Hongdae the other day, Jiyoung and I traveled across town to eat dinner at Good Morning Vietnam, a Vietnamese restaurant that my aunt (Jiyoung’s mom) runs.  We got a two-person set that came with spring rolls and a small bowl of beef pho (pronounced fuh) for each of us.

The spring rolls at Good Morning Vietnam are special because you get to make them yourself, including making your own rice paper wrappers.

You can see the rice paper sheets at the top left of the photo.  They’re stiff and semi-translucent — not exactly what I’d call spring roll material.  A simple bowl of hot water transforms them into the sticky white wrappers that we all know and love.  You just submerge them in the water, wait maybe thirty seconds or so, and voila!  Now you’re ready to make your spring roll.

We had a beautiful platter of vegetables, chicken, pork, and rice noodles to fill our spring rolls with, along with a spicy hot sauce, plum sauce, and a divine peanut sauce.  This would’ve been enough for a meal on its own, but that didn’t keep us from devouring our bowls of pho.

The pho was simple and really, really good.  The only garnishes that came on the side were bean sprouts and some onions, but don’t take that as a bad thing — the bean sprouts were all I thought it needed (I’m a huge fan of bean sprouts).  Both the broth and the noodles were delightful.  We had planned for a light dinner so we could go somewhere for dessert, but all thoughts of “eating light” faded quickly once our food came out…and we still got dessert later that evening (why not?).  Stay tuned for my next post on Korea’s best dessert!



  1. this looks delicious! could you tell me the address of it by chance? or do they have a website? i’m trying to find really delicious vietnamese food in seoul, but no luck so far…

    • I don’t know the address, but I know they have multiple locations… there’s definitely one in Myung-dong and another in Hyehwa-dong. I’ll see if I can find out the address and get back to you!

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