An Afternoon at 청계천 (Cheong Gye Cheon)

Yesterday, I spent most of the late afternoon and early evening at 청계천 (Cheong Gye Cheon), a stream that flows west to east through central Seoul.  The restoration of the stream was completed in 2005 and aimed to create “a human-centered, ecological-friendly urban area in a city that has been the nation’s capital for 600 years” (taken from the description of the restoration posted by the stream’s starting point).

I took a ton of photos along the way (check out the Photo Reel page for all of them).  My favorites are below!

The main entrance to 덕수궁 (Deoksugung Palace), one of many Korean royal palaces around Seoul.  It’s adjacent to City Hall and is right by the City Hall subway station, which is the exit I took to get to Cheong Gye Cheon.

Hanja (Chinese characters) for “Daehanmun”.  The order of the characters actually reads “munhandae” — I only know because I learned some hanja through my Korean classes at UChicago.

광화문 (Gwanghwamun), the main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace.  Gyeonbokgung was the most important royal palace of the Chosun (or Joseon) Dynasty, which lasted from 1392-1897.

청계천 (Cheong Gye Cheon) looking east


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