To the 기숙사 (Dormitory)!

What impeccable timing.  Right after I post about life in the hasookjip, I get notified of an opening in the dorms (I joined the waiting list as soon as I arrived).   After much deliberation, I’ve decided to move into SK Global House, one of Yonsei’s international dormitories.

Why, you might ask?  Wasn’t I just describing the perks of living in a hasookjip?

Well, the dorm has some (pretty irresistible) perks of its own.

1.  A single room with my own bathroom

In the hasookjip, I share a bathroom with the 7 other residents on the first floor.  The toilet is in a separate room (good), but you actually have to go outside to get to it (bad).  While this is relatively standard among hasookjips, it makes a dorm single with a private bathroom very, very appealing.

2.  Air conditioning

I’ve managed to restrain myself from complaining in these posts, but summer in Korea is really hot and muggy.  Now I can handle dry heat (I am technically from the desert, after all), but it’s the humidity that makes summer here miserable.  Sweat becomes your second skin and it’s inescapable.  I was in an air-conditioned department store at 8:30 last night, and it was still noticeably humid inside the building.  The point is, although I have a fan in my hasookjip room and keep it on whenever I’m there, air conditioning would be a huge plus.  It’s also monsoon season, which means there will be a ton of rain throughout the rest of my stay.  Heat combined with rain does not mean good things for my little hasookjip room — I know because last night was the first night of rain since I arrived.

3.  A fitness center

There’s a small fitness center in the basement of SK Global House!  I had planned to join the on-campus gym (at a membership cost), but it’s on the opposite end of campus from the KLI building (and my hasookjip) and has limited hours.  This will be much more convenient and will help me actually reach my goals for getting in shape this summer.

4.  Lots of other foreign students

Last, but not least, I’ll meet lots of other international students in the dorm.  I’ve made a few friends here so far, but because my class only has 4 other students besides me, it’s been a little hard to meet other KLI students (and there are a ton of them).  Now, this also has a downside, because I most likely won’t be practicing my Korean with the dorm friends I do make.  But, I’ll be using plenty of Korean out in the real world and in class, which I have 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.  My conversational Korean is improving already, so I’m not too worried.

I’m happy to be leaving the hasookjip, but I’m also glad to have had the experience of living in one, albeit for 2 short weeks.  I’ll post a few pictures before moving out on Monday so you can see what it’s like!



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