All That Jazz – Seoul’s Oldest Jazz Bar

This past weekend I spent a lovely Saturday evening at All That Jazz, Seoul’s oldest jazz bar.  They have live performances every night as well as during weekend lunch hours, which are accompanied by a killer lunch deal for two — 2 small salads, a margherita pizza, a pasta of your choice, and 2 drinks for 25,000 won.  Let’s just say my friends and I already have plans to go back.

Last year, All That Jazz moved to Itaewon, one of Seoul’s trendier neighborhoods, where it is easily accessible by subway.  Just hop on line 6, get off at the Itaewon stop, and take exit 2.  Keep going straight out of the exit as you reach street level, and take the first left (by Homestead Coffee).  You’ll hit a T, so take a right, and you’ll see All That Jazz on your left after just a few steps.  It’s the same entrance as the Global Lounge, you just have to walk up to the 2nd floor.  The entrance fee is 5,000 won, cash only.

By the time we got there (around 8:30), the downstairs seating area was completely full, so we had to sit upstairs where we didn’t have a view of the musicians.  The live jazz was still incredible.  I hadn’t been to a live jazz performance in ages, so it was a treat.  We switched to a table by the balcony later in the evening, so we got to see the second act. Drinks were reasonably priced, ranging from around 7,000 to 13,000 won.  I had a de Grace Merlot (can you guess how I picked the wine?) for 7,000.  I would have preferred something with a fuller body and a lingering aftertaste, but I can’t complain — I’m still learning more about wine (especially in preparation for my time in Italy!) and I really enjoyed being able to sip on a glass of red wine in a jazz bar (since I’m of age in Korea).

Here are some photos.  I highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in Seoul!



  1. 1) Nice earrings, Grace!
    2) k@$h thinks this should be your profile picture! (I agree)
    3) We miss you!

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