The Perfect Café – Part 4 [Market O]

A week and a half ago, I went to Apgujeong with a couple of friends from class, one of whom lives in the area.  Apgujeong is located near the upscale and shopping-centric area of Gangnam, so it’s similarly characterized by higher-end stores and brand names.  We went on a search for a cute cafe to hang out in for the afternoon, which turned out to be a particularly good plan since it was raining.

After sitting on the bus for an hour (it usually only takes 30 minutes, but the rain and traffic made it a much longer ride), we wandered around the neighborhood for a bit.  It was really nice to walk after sitting for so long, since we sat in class for 4 hours prior to the bus ride as well.

As we explored, we passed  a cool wooden statue and an art gallery that was showing an exhibition of young artists from Los Angeles.  Maybe I’ll go back to check it out!

We eventually decided to go to a cafe called Market O, which my Apgujeong-dwelling friend suggested.  It had a mix of comfy seating and regular tables and booths, so we of course chose the sofa chair option.

It’s technically a deli/cafe, so they serve lunch foods as well as typical cafe and snack-y offerings.

There’s even a full restaurant upstairs.

I really wanted to try one of these delicious looking macarons, but alas, they were only on display.  I don’t know why they display macarons everywhere if you can’t eat them…

My friend ordered a green tea patbingsoo (ice & red bean dessert), and I just got a peppermint tea and mini brownie.  Apparently brownies are the Market O specialty, but I wasn’t impressed.  The green tea patbingsoo was okay, though.  The ice just wasn’t shaved finely enough for me.

There was also a chandelier made of wine glasses and bottles!  It was a nice decorative touch.

Though there was wifi, it didn’t feel like a place to settle down with a laptop and a cup of tea, as Cafe Chloris did. And since the tea was just a fancier-than-usual tea bag, that’s not a big draw either.  Overall, it just didn’t really suit my “perfect cafe” needs.  However, it was a really pleasant place to hang out and talk with my two friends from class, so it was a great choice for our rainy day outing.


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