Good Eats – Introducing Foodie Fridays

I’ve decided Friday is the day I’m going to pretend to be a foodie.  (Honestly, I just like alliteration.)

I’m sick of all these long posts that take me way too long to write and even longer to add pictures to (why did I feel the need to create a Photo Reel page in the first place?).  So, I decided I needed to find a way to post shorter, photo-centered entries consistently.  (Willpower just doesn’t cut it.  I need some kind of accountability measure…)

My solution: Foodie Fridays.

Every Friday I’ll post one or a few pictures of a notable meal or snack I’ve had that week.  I’ll include a description, but it’ll be short and sweet, I promise!  Of course, I will continue to upload pictures of food in my other posts — this just means you can count on a healthy, regular dose of (pictured) good eats in Korea (and Italy and France when I get there!).

As I’ve continued to explore the blogosphere (and the WordPress community in particular), I’ve come across more than a few bloggers who have various themed, weekly posts.  So I credit the start of this series to them.  I have also created a new category entitled “Good Eats” that will contain any and all food-centric posts I write, including, but not limited to, the Foodie Friday series.

To kick of this exciting new series of posts, here’s what I had for dinner Wednesday night: Balti Garlic Chicken Curry from Tandoori, an Indian restaurant in Edae (the neighborhood around Ewha Women’s University).  Yum.

Mmm, delicious!


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