Foodie Friday 3 – Alt Swiss Chalet

I met up with an old elementary school classmate last week, and we went to a Swiss restaurant in Itaewon for lunch.  It’s tucked away on a quiet side street, making it one of Itaewon’s hidden treasures, if you will.  My friend says it’s one of Seoul’s only Swiss restaurants, and I don’t doubt it!  Their specialty is fondue (would you expect any less?), so I was really, really excited.  I love cheese.

Side note: Cheese and chocolate are the two main reasons I could never be vegan.  Sometimes soy just doesn’t cut it…

Anyways, the restaurant is called Alt Swiss Chalet, and its wood-covered walls and cowbell decor make you feel like you’re no longer in Seoul.

We ordered a cheese fondue set and a pasta each (sorry I can’t be more specific).  I had a Swiss-German pasta with a texture somewhat similar to gnocchi (but in pasta form).  It was delicious – hands down the best pasta dish I’ve had in Korea.

Cheese fondue set

Swiss-German pasta

The great food and fun conversation (three years worth of catching up!) made it a lovely lunch.  I’m already looking forward to the cheese, wine, and carbo-loading that awaits me in Europe!


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