Reunited At Last, Part 2 – Lotte World

Last Saturday, Seoyeon and I got together one last time before I head back to the States.  This time, she came to visit me in Seoul, and we spent all day at Lotte World, an entirely indoor amusement park.  I’m not a huge fan of amusement parks anymore, although I used to love roller coasters and spent more than a few days of my childhood at Disneyland and California Adventure.  But, I couldn’t say no when she asked if I wanted to go, and ended up having a good time.  Seoyeon had a blast, so the hours we spent walking around and standing in line were well worth it.

We were there all day (we got there at 10:30 am and left at 9 pm) and rode a number of rides — some more than once.  I can’t say I would recommend Lotte World…unless you’re easily amused, traveling with kids, or in one of those cute relationships known as a “couple” (I only mention the latter because there were cute couples everywhere).  Here’s the day in photos.

Welcome to Lotte World!

Caught red-handed.

Bored in line = picture time!

Mirror, mirror

Leaving our mark

The rock wall!

Seoyeon: Avid Tree Climber

– the “Art Gallery” –

Roman Holiday in Lotte World!

It was even more fun than it looks.

Bumper cars…Seoyeon’s new favorite. She’s a natural driver. Who knew?

The indoor hot air balloon that we didn’t get a chance to ride.



    • Seoyeon wouldn’t ride anything remotely scary, which was fine with me haha. And yeah, when we got there the lines were really short, but I didn’t know which rides were most popular so we didn’t pick wisely…next time.

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