Roma, Ti Amo

First post from Rome!  I’ve been in the lovely land of the Italians for almost a week and a half now, and all I can say is, this is the life.  I’ve been quite busy with classes and school work, so unfortunately I haven’t had time to blog until now, and I’ll have to keep it short.  To my family and friends: I have settled in wonderfully and am loving every minute here!  I miss you all and hope you are well.

Here’s the last week and a half in photos (updated with captions on 10/12!)

my room!

the view from our corner

a fountain in the park just down the street!

my favorite study spot: the rooftop terrace at our classroom facility, IES Rome

a view of Castel Sant’Angelo from our lunch spot the first day

partial remains of a theater in the Forum Holitorium, ancient Rome’s vegetable market – and yes, those are apartments on the top floor and they do in fact house people today

bridge decor

Castel Sant’Angelo and the Tiber River in the late afternoon

a ferry on the Tiber

the Roman Forum

the Roman Forum

Largo Argentina, the site of 3 ancient temples’ remains and home to a cat sanctuary (see below)

a cat in Largo Argentina

more kitties!

just a casual lunch at the Trevi Fountain

view of the fountain from our standing lunch spot

Marino, Italy, home to Sagra dell’Uva, an annual wine/grape festival

the “wine fountain” at the festival (those are grapes) – free white wine!

Marino all lit up for the 88th Sagra dell’Uva



  1. So happy you’re having fun on part II of your worldwide adventure! Looking forward to hearing more soon. And, of course, seeing more food pics!

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