Back to Seoul via Busan: A Weekend in the South, Part 4

The final installment!  It’s here!  Now I can finally start writing about other things again…  Although I must say, this Busan trip is one of the highlights of my time in Korea thus far.  Well worth the four posts it’s taken me to share it with you.

So.  Late afternoon on Saturday. Continue reading

Coex: A Shopper’s Haven on a Rainy Day

Ji Young and I spent this past rainy Sunday at Coex, “a business and cultural hub located in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul’s business district” (according to its website).  It’s home to Asia’s largest underground mall, Coex Mall, where we spent most of our time.  It’s huge and full of stores, restaurants, and people, of course.  I would’ve gotten lost if it weren’t for Ji Young, who knows her way around pretty well.  Thank goodness. Continue reading

Seoul in Transit

Seoul’s public transportation system is nothing short of amazing, particularly when compared to that of Los Angeles.  The last time I was in Seoul (5 years ago) I didn’t take any buses and I don’t recall what the subway was like, so I can’t comment on how it’s changed in recent years.  I can, however, tell you what it’s like now. Continue reading