To the 기숙사 (Dormitory)!

What impeccable timing.  Right after I post about life in the hasookjip, I get notified of an opening in the dorms (I joined the waiting list as soon as I arrived).   After much deliberation, I’ve decided to move into SK Global House, one of Yonsei’s international dormitories.

Why, you might ask?  Wasn’t I just describing the perks of living in a hasookjip? Continue reading


The Korean 노래방 (Noraebang)

What an experience.  I can now say that I’ve visited my first 노래방 (noraebang)!  And in Seoul no less (rather than LA’s Koreatown).

How I ended up in a noraebang at 3 pm on a Friday afternoon is actually kind of a funny story.   Continue reading

An Afternoon at 청계천 (Cheong Gye Cheon)

Yesterday, I spent most of the late afternoon and early evening at 청계천 (Cheong Gye Cheon), a stream that flows west to east through central Seoul.  The restoration of the stream was completed in 2005 and aimed to create “a human-centered, ecological-friendly urban area in a city that has been the nation’s capital for 600 years” (taken from the description of the restoration posted by the stream’s starting point). Continue reading

하숙집 (Hasookjip) Living

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m living in a hasookjip, or boarding house, rather than the university dormitories.  While initially planning my stay in Korea, I was interested in living in a hasookjip because it’s a more immersive experience than living in the dorms.  Not only do you actually use the language (English very quickly becomes the language-of-choice in the dorms), but you also get real, home-cooked Korean breakfasts and dinners. Continue reading

Lunch at a Korean Starbucks

Oh, Starbucks.  You follow me everywhere I go.

I’m usually not one to frequent a global chain while visiting a foreign country, but I tripped down the stairs this morning and hurt my foot (nothing serious), so the Starbucks just around the corner suddenly became a very attractive option for lunch.  As I scanned the refrigerated section of pre-packaged foods and beverages, I spotted the 불고기 브리또 (bulgogi burrito). Continue reading