Sinchon Living: Hasookjip vs. Gisooksa

It’s been almost two weeks since I moved out of the hasookjip and into the dorms, and let me tell you, I absolutely love dorm life (you might’ve discerned some pre-move-in excitement from my post on the 30th).

To quickly revisit what I said in that post: Continue reading

To the 기숙사 (Dormitory)!

What impeccable timing.  Right after I post about life in the hasookjip, I get notified of an opening in the dorms (I joined the waiting list as soon as I arrived).   After much deliberation, I’ve decided to move into SK Global House, one of Yonsei’s international dormitories.

Why, you might ask?  Wasn’t I just describing the perks of living in a hasookjip? Continue reading

하숙집 (Hasookjip) Living

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m living in a hasookjip, or boarding house, rather than the university dormitories.  While initially planning my stay in Korea, I was interested in living in a hasookjip because it’s a more immersive experience than living in the dorms.  Not only do you actually use the language (English very quickly becomes the language-of-choice in the dorms), but you also get real, home-cooked Korean breakfasts and dinners. Continue reading