Surprises Around Every Bend – Hiking at Yonsei

Hike on Yonsei’s campus – check!

I finally discovered the trails on Yonsei’s campus, which my teacher told me about within my first few weeks here (I had asked her about good day hikes in Seoul).  I’ve wandered the trails thrice now, and I can confidently say I’ve discovered my “morning regular” route. Continue reading


“Summer Vacation” in Busan

I’m officially done with midterms!  The testing period ended today with the writing and reading comprehension exams; we took the speaking and listening tests yesterday.  Whew.

This means we now have our “summer vacation”, which is hardly a vacation Continue reading

Learning to Make 잡채 (Japchae)

Last Friday, my class spent two hours of our normal class time learning to make 잡채 (japchae), a traditional Korean stir-fried noodle dish.  I love japchae, so I was really excited to learn how to make it (and eat it of course)!  It’s an easy recipe, so I might try to make it on my own in the dorm kitchen at some point.  I’ll keep you posted. Continue reading

To the 기숙사 (Dormitory)!

What impeccable timing.  Right after I post about life in the hasookjip, I get notified of an opening in the dorms (I joined the waiting list as soon as I arrived).   After much deliberation, I’ve decided to move into SK Global House, one of Yonsei’s international dormitories.

Why, you might ask?  Wasn’t I just describing the perks of living in a hasookjip? Continue reading

And So It Begins… Day 1

Day one.  Thanks for reading, and welcome to my blog!

This is my first foray into the blogosphere, and I haven’t had a chance to check out many other blogs yet, so bear with me as I explore the world of blogging.  I’ll try to keep these posts short, sweet, and as close to worldwide web-worthy as I can get.  I hope the many pictures of food I plan to take will aid with that last objective.  Everyone likes to look at good food, right? Continue reading