The Perfect Café – Part 7 [La Colombe]

One rainy afternoon last week, I went cafe searching in Apgujeong, the trendy area that neighbors (now-famous) Gangnam.  (In case you haven’t heard, Gangnam Style has surpassed Call Me Maybe as the new global summer hit… You can watch the very strange (and suggestive) music video here.  Maybe I’ll dedicate a post to it later.)

It started to rain pretty steadily as I was walking around Apgujeong, so I speeded up my cafe search and chose a spacious-looking but empty cafe called La Colombe.  I blamed the lack of customers on the weather and decided to give it a chance.  I ordered a cafe au lait, bought a peanut butter cookie (one of my favorites), and found a table by an outlet.

Cafe au lait + peanut butter cookie

 I settled down there for a solid few hours, just working on my blog and appreciating the well-chosen R&B and hip-hop emanating from their speakers.  I had no complaints — the internet was good, my coffee and cookie were tasty, and I pretty much had the whole cafe to myself.  And I got to watch the rain from my cozy seat inside, which is always nice.

Surviving despite the Starbucks across the street

Now, the wooden benches weren’t exactly the plush chairs I’m used to…but that just makes me sound spoiled (Korea, you’ve been too good to me).  It was really a lovely cafe, and I’ll certainly go back if I’m in the area!  ‘Til next time, La Colombe.

The Perfect Café – Part 4 [Market O]

A week and a half ago, I went to Apgujeong with a couple of friends from class, one of whom lives in the area.  Apgujeong is located near the upscale and shopping-centric area of Gangnam, so it’s similarly characterized by higher-end stores and brand names.  We went on a search for a cute cafe to hang out in for the afternoon, which turned out to be a particularly good plan since it was raining. Continue reading